The link between typeface and branding


The link between typeface and branding

Typeface is one of the most important aspects of communication that is often overlooked by businesses.  However, the link between typeface and branding is critical to ensure a brand passes a consistent and clear message to the target audience.

Before I deep dive into this, I think it’s essential to highlight the difference between typeface and font which are now used interchangeably. Simply put, typeface is a certain “family of fonts”, for example Times New Roman is a typeface but the size and weight of the text make, makes up the font.  Typeface is critical in marketing and communications because it carries the advertising or promotional message the brand which are the building blocks of your branding. Ultimately, your brand mantra and logo are designed using a certain typeface and font. The important thing to realize is that every typeface has a certain personality and feel so it is important to make sure the typeface and font you use captures the essence and feel of the kind of message you want to communicate to your audience. There is a reason why diary entries are mostly depicted in the Segou Script font because they consist of handwriting fonts which makes them look personal. Before you decide which typeface family and font you want to use for your brand messaging it is important to consider the following:

  • The brand personality – What is you brand personality? Your messaging and logo must be aligned to your brand personality; it is important to communicate your message using a typeface that communicates your brand personality clearly and persuasively. For example, imagine a confectionery brand whose products appeal to teenagers using This font for promotion messages, do you think it would be appealing and attract their target market to their product?

  • Font psychology - beware of your font and how it appears because over the years there has been an inherent psychology associated with certain type of fonts. The other aspect to consider when selecting your font is gender. Consider these two fonts below, which one would you closely associate women with?

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We will explore this topic more and consider more examples in the next article…