06 Dec

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become the main tool of exchanging and sharing, personal, business and political information and ideas. Businesses have the advantage of reaching their target market through social media marketing which is relatively cheaper than other forms of advertising. It is important for business owners to identify which social

21 Nov

Branding Basics

vehicle branding

Branding forms an important aspect of your business, large or small. It is an integral part of your marketing strategy. I would describe branding as the message communicated by a business to its external stakeholders. An important element of consumer branding is the brand identity which will determine the brand image. Understanding brand

09 Nov


stick to concept

For a very long time, I’ve been observing, music videos of African artists and feel distraught by the deviation from concepts by most of them. In this post, I will be focusing mainly on African Music videos relating to the use of concept. Essentially, a concept is a plan. A

11 Oct

The Purpose of Ads


Marketing is a broad field and comprises of a number of disciplines. I’m not about to sound like an extract from a marketing textbook or a boring marketing lecturer. We all know that the aim of marketing effort is to sell, or rather it is to convince a targeted group