The Purpose of Ads

11 Oct

Marketing is a broad field and comprises of a number of disciplines. I’m not about to sound like an extract from a marketing textbook or a boring marketing lecturer. We all know that the aim of marketing effort is to sell, or rather it is to convince a targeted group of people to buy into something or to perceive a particular product/person a certain way. Of course there are different mediums used to convey your message, it could be TV, radio, print ads or online. Which one do you think is most effective? Or should we say convincing? Well, that will depend on the kind of product/service you are selling, your target market and the resources you have. Can we then say that effective marketing is measured by the number of people who get convinced by the message you are trying to convey?

Effectiveness of Ads

Most would think an increase in sales is the answer, just as I am thinking. But are ads still effective? Do people buy something because they get convinced that they need it or because the ad reinforces the need they may already have for a particular product? Ideally, effective ads should reinforce the brand image whilst also convincing the target market to buy into it.

Practical Example

For example, let’s say Suney is selling weight-loss products. She can convince people that her product works and may get a lot of likes and shares on social media, but does it necessarily mean that she will make immediate sales? It could however just increase her brand visibility and advocacy, which may allow her to reach a larger audience in the long run.

Unfortunately, convincing your target market takes more than an award winning ad, but rather on the results you can deliver and the need for that particular product. For example, A brand with the most popular ad will not necessarily see an increase in the number of sales if there is no need or results sought from the product being advertised.

Think about your favorite ad. Do you like the ad because of the story it tells, if it resonates with you or simply because of the need you have for that product? How many of you have watched an ad then bought the product simply because the ad convinced you to buy?
Most of you would have noticed that I ask a lot of questions on this post, that’s because I want us to explore the answers together. Over the next few weeks I will be introducing a concept that will allow us to engage and explore ads together.

Dumela Shikwambana

Dumela is a business development enthusiast and a devoted marketing & communications specialist with FMCG and business development experience. She holds a BA Corporate Marketing and Communications degree from the University of the Free State. She heads up the sales and market research division at Akio.